Sapphire Law Group at CHP Cops & Rodders Show & Shine 2019

Thank you for visiting us at the 2019 Placerville CHP Cops & Rodders event. We had a wonderful time and are grateful to have been able to share our family emergency plans, wallet cards and other information with you. Here’s how to use the information that was in your packet:

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Family Emergency Plan
At the event, we provided a Sample Family Emergency Plan. We developed this plan after extensive research, experience and discussion with local law enforcement agencies to determine what information is most important to have readily available in the event of an emergency. While every family may be a bit different, this Sample Emergency Plan gives you a good start at collecting important information and putting it in a single document. Based on information provided to us by multiple law enforcement agencies, having this information, as well as any guardianship documentation (more on that below) in a conspicuous location within your home can prove vital. A Family Emergency Plan can be put on or next to the refrigerator, in an easy to locate drawer in the kitchen or main living areas, or other location where a babysitter, police officer or neighbor would be able to easily locate it. These are particularly useful for families with young children or individuals living alone.

Wallet Cards

The wallet cards should be completed and cut into wallet-sized cards and placed in a location where it is secure, but also accessible in the event of an emergency (i.e., a purse or wallet). We have provided extras so that you can keep them up to date.

Other Important Information

Estate planning is about protecting you, your family and your assets through a well-thought-through and comprehensive plan. It involves many considerations, including a will and/or a trust as well as financial powers of attorney and health care directives. However, it also includes planning for who will care for your minor child or aging parent if you cannot do so, and making sure that assets such as retirement plans and life insurance policies are properly planned for. If you have minor children, it also means designation what individual or individuals will be nominated as guardians to care for your minor children until they reach 18 (and often setting up a trust that will manage their inheritance until they are much older).

Further information about wealth planning and asset protection can be found on our Blog.

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